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"We as a nation have put a lot of stock into the notion that being (or becoming) thin equates to better health and longer lives.

But some experts have called into question whether that connection — or, conversely, the connection between overweight and poor health — is all that strong, and even whether it exists at all.

One of the leading voices in the debate is Linda Bacon, associate nutritionist
in the University of California, Davis department of nutrition. Today she and a colleague, Lucy Aphramor, released a report in the online Nutrition Journal reviewing the key assumptions regarding the link between weight status and health. Citing findings from about 200 studies, they make a compelling case that overweight in and of itself does not pose a major health risk. (In fact, in some cases being overweight appears to reduce risk of certain diseases and conditions such as osteoporosis.)”

Article -Weight loss’s link to better health questioned
Author -  Jennifer LaRue Huget
Source - The Washington Post

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